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**Prom Night**




Last dance ever : (

It was a whole lot of fun, Joshua was a wonderful date, and my friends were awesome. The limo was effen' sweet. Wade was alot of fun. Actually everyone was. The after shindig, silly things happened. I was a big jerk. Woke up in the morning next to Tony, freaked, went up stairs called Josh. Went to Josh's house, a little disagreement for a little while. Things got better and we made up, x2, it was lovely. All day I got to go to Josh's house. It was Alyes b-day party, it was cute. Greg came over for a lil while at the end. Fell asleep w. the love : ) He gave me the sweetest ring ever, I'm never taking it off..haa hee.


My hands go up, my head goes back
And the Creator speaks my true name
I am here for healing
I open my body
and in the dream
carefully pull out each one of my vital organs
Placing them on my blanket to heal in the sun
I am grateful to know these visions
Because time is different here
-billy effen' corgan : )

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