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'almost to bright to see'

Lately has been so blahh, seriously just everything. It's not fair to the people around me, or that I do this to myself. The way I think, act, speak, fuck me. So my boyfriend pretty much doesn't like me, ha fun. Point being Wendseday was Underoath, it was amazing in every aspect. The Chariot, and Fear before the March of Flames made me have an orgasm in front of dewey, sam, wade, and Josh. I was just like 'please someone touch me!'I love music, I truely do. It's above everthing in the world to me, wouldn't give it up for anything. I'm glad Josh enjoys shows, it's something we can do together now. During the pits though we def. lost eachother for like the whole show, but Dewey held me for the most of the time. Then I had to get all wild and crazay on his ass, you know how I do. But in seriousness, I truely enjoyed the show. It took me to another world. Which reminds me, Josh and I watched Finding Neverland, it was beautiful. I also made a cake today : ) I know, right? I have an interview tomorrow at Gadzooks. Prob. not gonna' get that job but it doesn't hurt to try.

i would never eat a chicken.

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