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The Most beautiful thing anyone has ever written me, thankyou so much.


Like every story, this one begins

Once apoun a time...

A minute, moment, or lifetime,

I cannot tell.

I found myself in the middle of a wood

Among broken patterns of forest light.

Afar beneath a Grand Oak, I saw

A young girl, lovlier then the Air I breathe.

Violently she wept on a bright

and Golden square between her hands

and she held it tight.

Courage I had,

Though none was found

I could say nothing.

Soon my mind was consumed...

with nothing and out of curiosity

I spoke.


"Today this day is beautiful and new,

Like the eyes from whence your tear became.

What truely disgusting have Demons made

That makes a Queen so sad?"


"This mirror." said she.

"Has burned my vile reflection within it's frame.

 I cannot see my face.

But only twisted distortions of the place

where my mind meets reality.

Look into the mirror please.

I shall never ask anything again.

I want to tell someone all that I see."


I knew not why I looked,

But still I did.

And then gazed into the most wonderful

portrait I have ever seen.


Then she said, "Look,

At all these horrible things I percieve as only me.

There is a weed bleeding,

Beneath a dying tree.

A gentle breeze erodes and wastes away

A precious stone.

I see death and hate.

Darkness devouring light."


"Poor woman,

You see only a rippled reflection

Translated in your shattered mind.

For I see not what you see.

Our mind's thoughts are intimately close,

Yet not at all.

But I must go.

My body is starved

And I have forgotten all that I once knew.

I will come this way again,

To see your lovely face."



"Cruel and heartless man,

You do not even care.

My soul is torn

And before you laid bare...

You walk away."


"How long have I stayed here,

By your side?

Months, years..? Only to gaze

At a mirror image of a face.

I have gladly left and lost

My whole life.

Break me not.

Don't tell me that I dont' care.

But forgive me Beautiful,

I spoke too soon.

My heart is bitter and cold,

I have no compassion or Charity.

My mind is consumed with violent dreams,

And thoughts of only myself.

But there is a spark,

Lit in my heart the moment I saw you

Beneath this oak.

I feel warmth, ever so small,

growing more and more still.

My pride is great,

Yet you tare it away.

I do care.

More now that I have ever.

I will stay,

If you take this offer.

I will bet you my heart that I do care,

Please believe what I say."


"Tell me then what you have seen." said she


"Only what you have,

But so much more.

A rose beneath January's tree.

A mountain torn down by timeless love.

I see a starlit night.

Life, Love, and Heaven on Earth.

God, Angels, and Perfect Creation.

I see it all in you,

Though you do not."


                                          I love you

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