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<3 What a wonderful day, I actully got to spend the jist of it with Joshua. That made me really happy, cuz I've been feeling retarted lately. It's so weird, I've had alot of boyfriends but none were like him. We watched 'Sin City,' good movie. Being with him was absolutly wonderful... I couldn't let him go lol. There's something so addicting and indescribable about touch. I can't explain it, besides saying I love love being with him. I am truely overly thankful for him. Things are going great, no fighting, no jealously. And whenever I feel anything I just tell him and 99% of the time he makes me feel better about it. How amazing life is with someone to share it with : )

I'm excited that it's Friday but kind of not.. cuz I doubt I'll see the love. All my close friends are on a regatta, I should have never joined the anti-crew pact. What a dumb idea lol. Ooo maybe I'll give Brandon Cisco a call, I've been trying to get in touch with some people that I've lost touch with lol. Plus I absolutly love that kid, he's a trip. I already miss Mooky, and Say say in school. But I got Vio so you know.... Vio's pimp. I love my friends <3...gosh I just love everything lately lol. The whole graduation thing is starting to hit me.... I'm gonna' miss this place in such an odd way. I've had four amazing years.. with the most amazing people. In all seriousness looking back. I spent the most of it with James, none regreted... he's the greatest best friend ever! And Mooky, Say say, Murdz, Britt,and Vio always there for me.... always. I love you guys : ) Ohh gosh... I'm graduating...I'm scared now. Music is amazing... life is amazing : )

SAT = PROM !!! WOO WHOO! I'm so excited...this feeling is so scary and unpromising.. yet incredibly awesome... I'm so lucky!

..sing to me of summertime.. of thoughts to fill my mind.. that's all I ask of you..

<3 jax
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