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Laura's house
fun at first
People came
and by people
I mean one person
Loud and wouldn't shut up
about stuff I could care less about
But that's ok
Cuz Josh probably thought she was
...i love jealousy
At that point all I really wanted was to be
reading my book
But instead I have to wait for
Josh to play cards
and keep listening to stupid ass stories
On top of that drive him home
Which I hate doing
I hate driving late at night
I hate not having gas
everyother day becuz of the distance
I hate when people turn off the radio
I hate when people keep pushing me
even thought I'm trying to be as calm
as possible
So we get in the car
and all the above happens
he decides to get out of the car and walk...
walk to Flat Rock
The drama begins...
Part of me wants to let him walk all the way
home like a dumbfuck
The other part is just thinking of my God please
get in the fucking car so I can get home
Even when I'm in the most careless mood ever
I still care about his safety/well being
Love doesn't disspear
The whole way home
I have no desire to talk whatsoever
Why can't he just read my mind and know what to do
Buttons keep getting pushed
I'm ready to run myself over with my own car
I don't want to talk
I want to go home
I want to forget everything
and just go to bed
Not argue
Mainly because I had to piss
and piss I mean cause a flood
that's how bad...
The usual happens he gets out
slams the door...
Who knows when he'll call or I'll call
It's just one of those stupid ass games
you go through and when it's all over
you think
what a waste of fucking time
Part of me's upset that the night didn't end
the right way
with hugs and kisses and friendly words
But I won't pretend
Part of me really doesn't give a fuck about
anything that's going on ... anything
It's just one of those days
one of those moods
These evil, joy stealing, unfixable moods
fuck being a girl!
So I'm driving home...
A train!!!!!!!!!!
Not just any train ...
no no..
The kind that stays for 20 minutes and then stops
and reverses..
yes those kind.
Still remembering breathing is threating me pissing my pants.
And that I had to be home in 5 minutes.
I get on the island...to the light and slide into a slight ditch...
Perfect timing..right?
I'm going down Macomb trying to hurry home..I'm going about 37 down a 25...
Mainly becuz someones riding my ass an it's pissing me off...
I start to turn into the complex...
And the lights come on..
Are you serious?

That's where I leave this story.... the story of an ugly, overtired, aggravated, hormone injected, broke ass-dumbshit girl. Who has no fucking desire to read now that's she FINALLY HOME!!!!!!!!!!! And who now has to deal with a pissed off boyfriend, who just doesn't understand the ridicoulous side effects of being a girl... and when to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!
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