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..i thought about a burning fire...

...been a long time on this silly thing... yeah you know.

-Sarah Murdz and I went on a cruise, that was fun.
-Last week was special scheduling, that was even more fun.
-This week it's already Thurseday. Let's recap this last week.

Fun,fun. No but seriously it was. I got the whole day w. the love, that doesn't happen much. We had to go to Catholic church, always weird to me. Then his church to help out with a dinner.  Sour punch, stupid girls, and toy houses.  : )  We went to his school again, it feels less and less weird everytime I go there. Then big boys, yucky onion rings, pleasent company. I broke. (x2)

That was the day, that Josh died. Well almost. Tickets, never fun. We went and picked out his tux, no pink : ( platinum, next best thing. It's going to look wonderful.

L<3v's house. Then to Bangkok 96 to enjoy a lovely meal. New place to eat : ) Then 'Sky Captain.'

Youthgroup. Began wonderully, then I went retarted. I hate when I get like that, it's not fair to other people. But Joshua made me feel alot better, and Brandon but just cuz' he's so dumb. It felt good to be back in church, our team won! Tee hee. I really like this place. Ohh the cherry to top the night, I got pulled over. Haha what a retard....I wish i would have got a ticket that way I would never drive retarted. Point being, Wenseday was bittersweet. Glad it happened though.

TODAY! YAY! First full day of school, drag. At least I get to accomplish stuff though. I have alot of blahh stuff to do today. I gotta go to the doctors, yuck.

                               2morrow, nyone else up for the movies? Yet another scary movie : /         They like to torture  me.

                     *SATURDAY=SENOIR PROM :):):)*
                   With the best group,& the best date.
                  Escape plans, fireworks, glitter, smiles...Save tonight.


Ashes to ashes dust to dust

Beautiful Child turning into stone

With your eyes so dim I shudder

Bitterness runs through your soul

Like small children

Confusion dances in the dusk of your mind

Exchange your blessings for deceptions good night kiss

Skin like winter

Cherished one fading away

I can see your breath begging to resurrect into death

Hiding scars back laced with splinters

Audience of a congregation make your way to the front

Close your eyes and grieve

You played your part so well













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