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backstreets back again...

So here I am...resorting back to the livejournal! Yes! Yesterday was Miss Sarah Whites 18th birthday...yay for her. We went out to eat and then to Club Divine...first time I've ever been to a club, not that great in all seriousness.But I had alot of fun w. my friends. Josh gave Sarah a lapdance for her birthday lol. Speaking of friends their all going away : ( reality's starting to hit, I'm growing up. There's just all these memories I keep thinking of when I was younger,and how even if I tried to relive them, they just couldn't ever be the same, becuz my mindset is matured. It sucks...so sad. But for once I can say I am actually just plain happy. I hate to say that becuz then it'll probably all turn to sh*t. But things are going pretty good. I'm not going to college this semester,although I definatly should be and I'm upset with myself that I'm not. But....it'll happen. I am currently working @ hooters lol...random I know. But I quite my job at Krogers...I miss the people alot but I just really didn't like the job. I'm not sure how much I like this job yet becuz I just got done training and then I have to take this stupid test over again. But I'm hoping I'll get good at it, and then make lots of money's lol. Probably not but you know. Josh spent the night last night it was cool. I love him, hehe. I miss high school lots. I was one of the ones who wanted to leave the most, now I want to go back. There's so many things I miss about it. Just learning too, I miss that. Crazay I know. Like my hummanities class..and Shakespeare. I loved those classes, they were like inspiring. Anyways...I've been sort of going back to youth group. It just still makes me really sad for some reason. It's like just all the friends I used to have aren't my firends anymore and their all grown up and different. And now Josh and Bj are gone.... : ( I don't know I'm in this middle of life ...where nothing makes sense anymore..and I'm trying to grasp to something familiar. I've been getting mad at josh alot lately.... : (
The Rolling Stones are comming up...
Chicago for 4 days...
Disney World this winter...
3 things Jacqui loves! hehe

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